It is made up of mostly undisturbed virgin rainforest and is one of the famous national parks in Ghana.

Kakum National Park is situated about 33km north of Cape Coast, Central Regional capital and about 170km from Accra.

Size: It covers an area of 350km2 (including Assin Attandanso Resource Reserve)

Vegetation: The vegetation type is Moist evergreen rainforest with tall hardwood trees up 65m in height

Key fauna: The park is enriched with different species of wildlife including 40 species of mammals (forest elephants, buffalo, leopard, bongo, yellow backed duiker, red river hog, primates), over 200 species of birds, large number of reptiles and amphibians, over 400 species of butterflies

Other Features:
40m high canopy walkway suspended between trees and from which different species of birds and butterflies can be observed. Also, from the canopy walkway, the structure of the forest canopy can be appreciated. Hidden Connections: - interpretation center, The Afafranto campsite located 200m from Kakum visitors center

Sun bird Trail: - developed to incorporate three ecosystems: the rainforest, the secondary forest & a pond environment for visitor to watch birds
Kakum Conservation Tree House

Tourist Sites nearby: Elmina Castle, Cape Coast Castle
Communities: Winneba is an old coastal town on the “Gulf of Guinea”, located about 56km west of Accra

Aboakye festival celebrated by the people of Simpa or Winneba
Masquerading festival celebrated on the 1st January every year
Edina Bakatue festival

Tourist Activities: Game viewing, bird-watching, hiking/ nature walk, camping
Guided Tour: Available
Camping Facilities: Available

By primary road from Accra to Cape Coast and then on main Dunkwa road

Time for Visit:: Throughout the year

Accommodation: Elmina Beach Resort (4 star), Elmina
Coconut Grove Beach Resort (4 star), Elmina
Hans Cottage Hotel (3 star), Cape Coast off Dunkwa road. 10km away from Kakum National Park

Safety Tips:
Light clothing is recommended in the dry season
Heavy clothing is recommended in the raining season.
Visitors who want to visit this site must bring their own tents, mosquito net, mosquito repellent, sleeping pads and/ or cots for use at campsite

Health Facility:
Cape Coast Government Hospital, Ankaful Mental Hospital, Saltpong General Hospital, Fynba Hospital


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